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Coropina Creek with Kayak

kajak in moerasThe Coropina Creek is located less than an hour away from Paramaribo on the way to the airport. It is a wonderful nature area which is very good navigable with a kayak. The wetland area exists to a large terraced area from creeks and swamps. Of course, the Creek is also a popular area for many bird species. Step into the world of the tropical forest and its creeks & rivers. Enjoy nature in its purest form and travel with your own kayak over this particular Creek near Paramaribo and let yourself be carried away to the rhythm of nature! It is a particularly beautiful area, where you will see while cruising many special animals such as monkeys, capybara, caimans and a large amount of birds, including several parrot species. It is a wetland area that, for the most part, consists of terraced swamps by creeks.
This is a wonderful adventure for adventurers, young and old, who love nature and adventure.

Book a day trip at for €70,-p/p complete..


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