Discover the Surinam outback, pristine nature, authentic villages, rapids, wild waterfalls, massaging jacuzzis.

Gran Rio Jungle Expedition

rapidsAn expedition into the pristine Amazon rainforest over the Gran Rio River is a true experience for nature lovers who dare to face a challenge! The tour starts with a flight of an hour to Jungle Lodge Awarradam which offers you a magnificent view over the untouched tropical rainforest of Suri-name. During the trip by dug-out canoe from Jungle Lodge Awarradam to the base camp, you pass numerous spectacular rapids. The beautiful and tough jungle treks are greatly rewarded with a breath-taking panorama over the Amazon rainforest. On this tour, far away from the inhabited world, you will fully enjoy the overwhelming flora and fauna. The Gran Rio Jungle Expedition is a real must for adventurers and nature lovers!



Day program 05 Days / 04 Nights (Monday– Friday)

frogDay 1
Our jungle adventure starts at airport Zorg en Hoop where we check in for the flight of about an hour to air-strip Kajana on the Gran Rio River. After arrival, we make a half hour trip by dugout canoe to Awarradam Jungle Lodge. Here, the food supplies and our local guides come aboard after which the trip is continued on the Gran Rio River. A beautiful boat trip of almost 3 hours upstream takes us to the beautifully situated base camp where we will spend three nights and sleep in hammocks. After settling in, we explore the surroundings while the cook prepares our evening meal. After the meal, we discuss our route for the next day, our first trip into the untouched Amazon rainfor-est.

Day 2
A 4 km long trail (way there) through primary forest takes us to our destination for today, the Logosokun, Saramaccan for Turtle Hill. Three hills along the way make the walk a real challenge. The final destination lies at a height of 310 meters, offering a magnificent view over the jungle beneath and named after the turtle found in the area at the discovery of this spot. In the afternoon, we return to our base camp where we can fully enjoy the refreshing waters of the river with its rapids. Our local guides will gladly take you along on the river to try your hand at catching fish in the traditional way.

cooking camp fireDay 3
On this day, we can choose from various activities. Gangasa-sitonu is a beautiful, overhanging, large stone somewhere in the midst of the jungle. The walk to reach this rock is not very far (2.5 km), so that there is sufficient time to pay close attention to the local flora and fauna. A walk about as far as to Logosokun (4.1 km), our destination yesterday, lies Folokun, Saramaccan for flower hill. This hill offers a somewhat lower viewpoint but the area a little further on, is more extensive so that you can walk around. It’s also possible to stay at the base camp, enjoying the rapids or go fishing. Jointly, we decide which destination we will choose. At sundown, we drift off with the dugout canoe. This is the right time of the day to spot animals. If the weather permits, we will make a camp fire and listen to tales from our guides who will eagerly tell you about the importance of this area for the Saramaccans, since centuries

Day 4
After a late breakfast, we make preparations for our boat trip back to Awarradam where we will spend the last night. Along the way, we drift off with the dugout canoe while we can fully enjoy the flora and fauna of the un-touched forest. Late afternoon, we arrive at Awarradam Jungle Lodge where we will spend the night in traditionally built cabins. After an enervating trek, a visit to the local Jungle Spa is highly recommended, after which a well-stocked bar and our bed will definitely feel as a luxury

At Awarradam, after breakfast, you have the opportunity to relax in the rapid and explore the island. We say goodbye to our local friends before we depart towards Kajana airstrip for our return flight to Paramaribo.

rapids bird plane

What to bring along
2 shirts (with long sleeves), 2 long trousers, T-shirts, short trousers, socks, a raincoat, cap or sunhat, swimwear, toiletries (soap/toothbrush/toothpaste etc), suntan lotion, insect repellent, sturdy hiking shoes (grip sole), film/photo camera and charger, binocular, flashlight, sunglasses, small back-pack (for the jungle trips), passport/travel documents, malaria prophylaxis, Surinamese cash (small bank notes) for purchase of local handmade souvenirs, a wellness treatment at the jungle spa or to settle your bar consumption bill.

Your luggage
To Awarradam and Palumeu you are allowed to take 6 kg per person. To Kasikasima it is limited to 8 kg. While travelling it is convenient when you pack your hand luggage in a watertight overnight bag. We advise you to leave your suitcase and valuables, travel documents and money in a locker room at your accommodation in Paramaribo.

Monday through Friday US $675

This resort is closed until further notice. Reservation only on request.