Discover the Surinam outback, pristine nature, authentic villages, rapids, wild waterfalls, massaging jacuzzis.

Multi Day Trips, compiled by Anneke Kuis

Marienbosch Plantation Mariënbosch (1/2 days)

Mariënbosch was a coffee plantation next to the Commewijne river.

Frederiksdorp Frederiksdorp (1 or 2 days)

This former citrus plantation and than police station has been converted into a luxery accommodation from which you can visit the plantations in Commewijne

Danpaati Commewijne bicycle tour (2 days)

On your own by bike to the district Commewijne (plantations)

Galabi modderbad Galibi Mudbath tour (2 days)

Immerse yourself in the mudbanks of discover the authentic Galibi warmth.

Kanotocht Canoe Tours (2 or 3 days)

Discover nature in a completely different advanturous way. Enjoy our canoetrip On the Coesewijne River, Suriname River and Brokopondo lake

BigiPan Bigi Pan (2 or 3 days)

Unique experience in this beautiful bird sanctuary. Admire the flamingos, ibises, owls and various birds of prey.

Galabi schildpadden Galibi Turtles (2 or 3 days)

Galibi, Native Indiens, Turtles and St.Laurent

Raleighvallen Tibiti Canoe trip (3 days)

A combination of bus, canoeing and forest walks. For our meals we will be dependent on the nature (machete, fishing rods and shotgun).

Kabalebo Kabalebo (from 3 days)

Nature Resort Kabalebo is built with five accommodations, each with their own atmosphere and character. From luxury to adventurous, but all with the same quality. Here you will find pure nature and you can see most animals, because there are no villages.

Danpaati Danpaati (from 3 days)

Dreamstay in a beautiful luxery quiet lodge on the Upper Surinam River with 100% service.

Anaula Anaula (3 or 4 days)

Luxury Resort in the Upper Surinam River only an hour by boat from Atjoni with many activity's

Isadou Isadou (3 or more days)

This small island in the rapids of JawJaw, less than one hour by boat from Atjoni is great to get a first impression of the jungle

Blanche Marie Blanche Marie – Apoera (4 days)

Exciting trip with 4-W-drive thr.ough the Savannas and the jungle to overwhelming waterfalls and visit 2 native indian tribes

HikingTour Hiking Tour (4 days)

Lodge hopping from Atjoni to Pingpe on the Upper Suriname River

Pingpe Pingpe (from 4 days)

Pingpe, a simple lodge, 5 hours by canoe from Atjoni. Sleep one night in a hammock in the jungle. Every day there are activities in this beautiful marron area. Get to know the forest better and do the back-to-basic tour from Pingpe.

Raleighvallen Raleigh Falls (4 days)

Breathtaking scenery, adventure experiences in the jungle.

Awarradam Awarradam (5 days)

Discover the authentic Maronvillages and the beautiful Gran Rio with its many rapids from the beautiful Awaradam Lodges. Activity’s are organized every day to discover the surroundings and the Maron villages.

Palumeu Palemeu (5 days)

You fly in an hour into the huge jungle to the Indian village Palumeu. Here you will learn about the culture of the native Indians, the great nature and rivers. Every day activities are organized to explore the area.

GranRio Jungle Expedition Gran Rio (5 days)

An expedition to the virgin Amazon forest on the Gran Rio river is an absolute experience for nature lovers who like a challenge!

Kasikasima Kasikasima (8 days)

From Palumeu starts an adventurous trip by canoe to the Kasikasima Mountain. In this unspoilt nature you learn about life in the jungle.