Discover the interior of Suriname, unspoilt nature, authentic villages, rapids, wild waterfalls and massaging jacuzzis.

Customized trips compiled by Anneke

Why booking with Anneketrips?

In Surinam you’ll find some thirty tour operators offering about 40 different trips. Most of the tourists don’t know that actually there is only one trip organizer/proprietor and also they don’t know that every tour operator makes his bookings with this organizer from which they receive commission. Every tour operator, including the organizer, charges the same price. The price varies due to the different accommodations. The only difference makes the competence of the tour operator with whom you book your trips.

So, why booking with Anneketrips?

Down below you’ll find a selection of the most beautiful trips in Surinam.
Mind: all the trips offered elsewhere you can also book with Anneketrips. With Anneketrips personal advise, detailed information and after sales are inclusive!!

One-day trips One-day trips

Brownsberg, Stoneiland, Commewijne boottocht, Kajaktour kreken, Warapakreek, Vlindertuin & Domburg, Parabello & Indiaanse Pottenbakker familie, Palulu, Colakreek und Braamspunt

Multiple day trips Multiple day trips

Awarradan, Gran Rio Jungle Expedition, Palumeu, Kasikasima Jungletour, Kabalebo, Anaula, Botopasi, Isadou, Danpaati, Pingpe, Bongo Island, Bigi Pan, Raleighvallen, Blanche Marie und Galibi
Mitte Süden Suriname: 8 resorts
Westen Suriname: 4 resorts
Nordosten Suriname: 3 resorts


Lodging Lodging

B&B Famiri, Frederiksdorp und Surinat