Discover the Surinam outback, pristine nature, authentic villages, rapids, wild waterfalls, massaging jacuzzis.


Rocks at low waterLocation

The island Awarradam, approx. 225 kilometers from Paramaribo, is located at de rapid with the same name. The locals pronounce it as “Awaadan”. Awaa (Awara) is an orange, edible palm fruit and “dan” means rapid. Awarradam lies in the Gran Rio river that joins the Pikin River after some 30 km downstream. At this point the Upper Surinam river rises and, after 75 km, falls into the Brokopondo reservoir. The river is fed by rain water. During the dry season the tide can drop well over 6 meters. The village of Atjoni, just to the south of the reservoir, is the most southern village in Surinam that can be reached by road. From Paramaribo it takes a 4 to 5 hours drive. The boat trip to Awarradam takes another 8 to 10 hours, depending on the water level. By air it will only take 50 minutes to get there. The last 10 km will be covered by korjaal. Awarradam is located a mere 20 minute boat trip south from de last village. In this way you will reach your destination in 1½ hour: that truly is a luxury!





The Villages


Awarradam is part of the region ‘Langu’. Langu consists of eight villages: Bendiwata, Kuututen, Ligolio, Bëgoon, Kajana, Deböö, Godowata en Stonhuku. Logolio is a Christian village, the other villages are governed in the traditional way. You will recognize the traditional villages at a mooring and a “gate” made of palm leaves. This “azanpau” protects the village against evil influences from outside. Every traditional village has its central place of sacrifice and a hut where women stay during their period. The people here are descendants of the Marrons who fled slavery by fleeing to the Interior. The Saramaccan people still retain much of their ancestral culture. You will experience this during our village tour. It is said that Western-African culture is kept more intact here then it is in the areas where the slaves originated from. But also these villages are keeping abreast of the times. In Kajana you will find a school and a medical post and also in Ligolio is a school. The Chief Captain of Langu lives in Stonhuku and there are more local governers in the region like Captains and Basjas. Manny Saramaccan people, especially young men, nowadays work in Paramaribo, in French Guyana or in the gold mining business.

korjaalActivities and excursions

Our tour groups are often of very diverse composition.
You will be staying 3 or 4 nights at Awarradam. The program, depending on the water level, is very varied. At the korjaal boat trips all our guests wear life vests: safety first!
At your “hours off” you can go for a swim in the rapid near the island or somewhat further on at “Peti”, only a 2 minute boat trip. During the program we go on a forest hike with explanation of the local use of different plants and trees (medicinal use, building materials), we do a village tour and there will be a show with local songs and dances. The villagers certainly want to sell you their handmade souvenirs. Your guide will give you detailed information about the program. The program is voluntary. If you prefer to take a walk on your own initiative, or go bird watching, fishing, kayaking or visiting the “kostgrondjes”, our guide can make the arrangements for you. For an extra guide and/or facilities a fee will be charged.


marronsWhat to take: 
2 shirts (long sleeves), 2 pair of trousers, T-shirts, shorts, rain coat, cap or sunhat, swimwear, toiletries, suntan lotion, insect repellent, hiking boots (with profile), flip-flops, camera, batteries (not available at the lodge and limited possibility to charge batteries), torch, sun glasses, day pack (for jungle treks), malaria prophylaxis, Surinam currency (small denomination banknotes) for buying local handmade souvenirs and paying your bar bills if applicable.

Your luggage
To Awarradam and Palumeu you are allowed to take 6 kg per person. To Kasikasima it is limited to 8 kg. While travelling it is convenient when you pack your hand luggage in a watertight overnight bag. We advise you to leave your suitcase and valuables, travel documents and money in a locker room at your accommodation in Paramaribo.

Prices (taxes included):
Monday up to Monday US $645
Friday up to Friday US $645

Due to inflation, all prices are available on request