Discover the Surinam outback, pristine nature, authentic villages, rapids, wild waterfalls, massaging jacuzzis.

Jungle Hotel Botopassie

Hotel BotopassieJungle Hotel Botopassie is situated in the heart of the jungle along the upper Suriname River. The Hotel-Resort is an oasis for guests seeking relaxation and for those eager to explore the wonderful world of nature. You will be astounded by the beauty and atmosphere of the jungle, the sights and sounds of the animals, the customs and culture of the local people surrounding you.
The hotel offers a friendly atmosphere and stunning views, with the opportunity to swim and paddle in the river or doze off in a hammock with the gentle sound of water in the background. When you’re feeling more adventurous, you can walk along the jungle path behind the hotel and observe the numerous shades of green and listen out for some amazing sounds.
Jungle Hotel Botopassie, opposite the village Botopasi, can only be reached by water. The journey itself is part of this amazing experience. You should allow a day to travel from Paramaribo to the hotel, going through savannah and rain forest, crossing ‘sulas’ (rapids) and passing traditional villages on the river banks. On arrival at Jungle Hotel Botopassie, you will be warmly welcomed at the riverside by our staff. hotel lounge

Our hotel is renowned for its outstanding meals and our dedicated staff may surprise you with new and delicious ways of serving your favorite food. We make a tremendous effort to use a great variety of fresh produce and can cater for special dietary requirements too, if informed in advance. Our cooks work enthusiastically from dawn until late evening to provide a full breakfast and hot meals for lunch and dinner.
When you see them, do let them know which meals you have particularly enjoyed during your stay with us. Safe drinking water, tea and coffee are provided free of charge throughout your stay.

In the hotel entrance on the ground floor, you will find the reception, hotel bar and lounge, with comfortable couches for relaxing or watching TV. At the bar all kind of drinks (local and imported, non-alcoholic and alcoholic) are available. A large terrace is located on the first floor. Cosy seats and hammocks are at your disposal here and there’s a stunning view over the river and the surrounding area. All meals will be served on the terrace.
The hotel has its own generator which provides electricity every evening. The village has a communications mast (Digicel) so you can connect to the rest of the world from your phone or tablet.

Accommodation – Main Building
We have seven comfortable rooms available, six with two single beds and one triple room with a single and double bed. All rooms are provided with mosquito nets, sheets and towels. There is one shared bathroom for guests. If you prefer, you can sleep in a hammock as part of your jungle adventure. These are available on the hotel terrace and in the garden kangasa (hammock camp).

zonsopkomstAccommodation - Wosu
A wosu is an authentic hut, built according to the traditional village style. In the local Saramaccan language, wosu means house. From the wosu there is a panoramic view over the river and the riverbanks. There are six authentic wosu (there is no plural form for this word) in the hotel grounds - four are equipped with two single beds and two with a single and a double bed. Each wosu has a separate bathroom and toilet. Mosquito nets, sheets and towels are included.


Getting to Botopasi?
By road & river
Every day, except Sundays, buses leave from the Saramaccca Straat in Paramaribo, which is about half a kilometre south of the Central Market. Be sure to get there before 8 a.m. The drivers can tell you which vehicles are going to Atjoni, a riverside quay for taxi boats and fishermen on the outskirts of the village Pokigron, about 180 km up the Suriname River. The bus journey takes about 3 hours and costs approximately SRD 70, one way. Do not forget to take something to eat and drink with you for the day, although the buses usually make a comfort stop en route.
The bus stops next to the river in Atjoni, a small settlement with a few restaurants and supermarkets selling a variety of goods (but not fresh food). You should ask the boatmen which boat is going to Botopasi. Please note that these are taxi-boats and they will leave when full, 12- 20 passengers depending on the size of the boat. (So an empty boat means longer waiting time.) Make sure you have a plastic sheet/bag/coat to protect yourself and your belongings from splashes and rain. These items are also available at the local supermarkets. If you have time before the boat leaves, you can buy nasi (baked rice), bami (noodles) or other snacks at the restaurants. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to travel along the Suriname River from Atjoni to Botopasi, depending on the water level in the river. The boat will take you right to the hotel’s waterside, where staff will be waiting to welcome you.
It is possible to book a seat in a public bus or to hire a bus and boat using some of our regular drivers. In this case, you would be collected from your hotel in Paramaribo, with the bus driver introducing you to the Hotel’s boatman in Atjoni for the final stage of the journey. Please contact us for further details about such arrangements.

palmblad poort By plane
Blue Wing Airlines has a scheduled flight from Zorg & Hoop (the airport at Paramaribo) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to Botopasi. It is essential to book your flight in advance at the airport Zorg en Hoop. The small planes take from 4 -20 passengers and the flight is 55 minutes, costing approximately 110 euros one way. Return flights are scheduled on the same days. Our staff will meet you at the air strip for the five minute walk and short river crossing to the hotel. Blue Wing Airlines (+597)434393
Gum Air offers charter flights to Botopasi from Zorg & Hoop. Gum Air (+597)498760/432057

marronmuseumWhen you book, please let us know which form of transport you would prefer to use so that we can help you to make arrangements for the journey.



Due to inflation, all prices are available on request