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Jungle trip Kasikasima

kaskasimaFrom Palumeo it is 65 kilometers (as the crow flies) to the impressive and mysterious Kasikasima mountains. The Indian village of Palumeu lies at the rise of the Tapanahony river, where the Palumeu river and the Upper-Tapanahony river meet. During the rainy season the water may rise 6 meters! Palumeu village lies at 170 meters above sea level. The Tapanahony river flows to the north-east and after 175 kilometers joins the Lawa river to become the Marowijne river. This is the natural border with French Guyana. A further 135 kilometers up north, just after the border village of Albina, the Marowijne river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. By korjaal (with outboard motor) it takes up to 8 or 10 days to travel from Albina to Palumeu. Especially at low tide it is very difficult to pass the many turbulent rapids. It really is a luxury that METS airlines takes you on a 65 minute flight to Paramaribo! From Palumeu it is a two day trip by korjaal to the mountain Kasikasima.


Participants at the Kasikasima tour stay the night in the group accommodation. In here there are five 2 persons bedrooms, with double and twin beds, with shared toilet and bathroom. In the evenings and at night oil lamps light the corridor, the terrace and the toilets. The participants of the Palumeu tour stay at the jungle lodges further on.
Meals are prepared by local cooks and are served at the pleasant restaurant. You can chill out at the jungle bar/lounge. During the outbound journey by korjaal and at the foot of the mountain you stay the night in a hammock encampment.

Kasikasima tour

Day 1
Flight to Palumeu and overnight stay in the group accommodation.
Day 2
Early in the morning we start off with a boat trip by korjaal of 75 km. That is quite a distance for Surinamese standards. On the way you have enough time to enjoy the jungle and the river in all their glory. After about a 4 hours sail you arrive at the hammock encampment at the riverside. There are some open air huts and a primitive toilet. While you take a rest in the river the guides will prepare your lunch and put up your hammock. After dinner we will have an early night. It might be that some howler monkeys will keep you from sleep.
rapidsDay 3
We sail the second stage of our journey. At the impressive and impregnable rapid Trombaka all our luggage has to be carried along a forest trail to another boat that will be waiting for us beyond the rapid. Somewhat further on you have a magnificent view of the Kasikasimaberg from the river. The base camp, nicely situated at the foot of the mighty Sawaniboto rapid, is more spacious than Kamakabari, but the facilities are the same.
Day 4
A 6 to 7 hour roundtrip hike takes you to the tops of the Kasikasima mountains. It is a brisk hike culminating in the climb to the top. For the local people this is a place they enter with respect. It also plays a leading role in their many mystical legends. Standing on the plateau you might feel the mystical power of the place yourself. Here you have an amazing view over the rain forest. On a clear day you might even get to see the Brazilian border.
Day 5
We go for a hiking trip in the surroundings of the camp. On our way the guides will tell you everything about the plants and the trees the local people use for building material, for food and for medicinal use.
Day 6
Today we sail back to Palumeu. The return trip only takes one day, because sailing downstream is far more faster than sailing upstream.
Day 7
You can participate in a organized hike or a boat trip. If you prefer to take a walk on your own, visit a kostgrondje, watch birds, do some fishing, or paddle in a korjaal, then please contact one of the guides. They will arrange it for you. If you need an extra guide and/or facilities a fee will be charged. A shortened version of the Kasikasima tour can be done in 5 days (4 nights), always from Monday to Friday. 

Prices (taxes included):
Friday up to Friday US $895
Monday up to Friday US $845

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Due to inflation, all prices are available on request